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The Nature of Giving

Updated: Oct 17

Even as fall turns to early winter, the garden is still hard at work giving us loads of foliage, seed heads, berries, and even a few flowers for seasonal decorations. Our friends at Monrovia grabbed a basket (this is even more fun with a friend!), a set of clippers, and headed for the yard snipping bits of this and that until the basket was filled to overflow.

Look at what it all added up to! So gorgeously colorful and full of textures. Wouldn’t this just be such a wonderful gift to bring to host on Thanksgiving Day? Or, to fill a vase of your own? Below find a grid with all of the plants Monrovia used for their basket.

What’s In The Basket

A. Bountiful Blue® Blueberry

B. Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick

C. Centurion® Crabapple

D. Orange New Zealand Sedge

E. Plum Passion® Heavenly Bamboo

F. Profusion Beautyberry

G. Color Flash® Astilbe

H. Silver Whispers™ Swiss Stone Pine

I. Autumn Moon Fullmoon Maple

J. Seaside Serenade® Cape Hatteras Hydrangea

K. Grace Smoke Tree

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