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Products We Have

We have all the materials necessary for you to create your dream landscaping. We have trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, herbs, veggies, grass seed, sod and more! We have ten greenhouses used in the spring to grow all your favorite annuals! We also have a wonderful collection of houseplants and indoor pottery as well as a great selection of bird seed. We are your one stop shop for all things plants!

Our Services


Wallitsch Garden Center will deliver items purchased from us within the Metro Louisville area including Bullitt, Spencer, Oldham and Nelson counties and to Southern Indiana. Delivery can usually be made within 24-48 hours* of purchase. Delivery fee is based upon the delivery location.

*Due to business volume, deliveries cannot be made on Saturday or Sunday from April 15 to June 1.


When you have found your perfect spot, there is no need to wait! Wallitsch Garden Center will plant trees and shrubs in your chosen location at 60% of the cost of the plant. A planting by Wallitsch Garden Center warrants it against loss for a period of 2 (two) years.*

*Our warranty does not apply to plant material purchased at a discount or subjected to customer neglect or Acts of God including but not limited to drought, flood, wind, hail, freezing or heat. Planting fees include delivery and a top dressing of mulch around the planting.

Limited Tree & Shrub Warranty

For Items YOU Plant

Wallistch Garden Center offers a one-year 50% shared warranty for trees and shrubs that you plant in your landscape*, which fail to survive for a period of 12 months. 

Return the entire plant along with the original receipt. Plants will be replaced one time only, and for 50% of the original purchase price. If a similar plant is not available, a store credit will be issued for the half purchase price. 

Cash refunds are not available on dead plant material.

For Items WE Plant

Trees and shrubs installed in your landscape* by Wallitsch Garden Center carry a two-year limited warranty and will be replaced with a plant equal size and value and be replanted for you at no charge. 

Cash refunds are not available on dead plant material. 

Neither warranty covers trees and shrubs that have died due to lack of care including failure to water properly, insect or foraging animal damage, disease infestations, vandalism, mechanical or chemical injuries or Acts of God (lightening, drought, ice storms, etc.) Neither warranty covers material purchased at a discount greater than 15%. 

Please, if your plants has buds or is showing green leaves, give us a call before you dig it up. We may be able to help you save it. 

*Warranty does not cover trees or shrubs planted in above ground containers or pots. 

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