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Taking Advantage of the Dream Season

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Getting ready for the gardening season is like planning a trip. There are lots of opportunities to consider and important decisions to make before the main event. But, often times, half the fun is in the preparation. Now is the time to jump start your 2020 spring garden planning. Here are a few unique and fun ideas to get those creative juices flowing from our friends at Monrovia.

Garden Journaling Reflection can be a good first step for garden planning. Consulting your garden journal is the place to start. Don’t have a garden journal? No problem! Now is the time to start one. Don’t get stuck on the idea that your journal has to be an elaborate diary for your garden. It truly can be anything you want. It’s a reminder about what plants and projects worked and what didn’t in years past.

Buzzing Brainstorming Garden parties don’t have to be limited to the spring or summer! Grab a few gardening friends, a big cup of coffee, and head into the garden. Hosting a brainstorming session with other garden minds can give you a new perspective and a fresh look at what your garden needs. If weather is an obstacle, head to your local coffee shop or favorite restaurant! Bring pictures from last season, catalogs, and your phone for research and inspiration.

Pinterest Pinfest Admit it. You’ve plugged “garden design” into the search function of Pinterest only to emerge several hours later with a whole board devoted to must-do projects for the coming year. Using this social site and others to share and receive inspiration can be the perfect exercise for your garden brainstorm.

There are plenty of ways to connect with fellow gardeners online:

  1. Our Facebook page as well as a number of Facebook garden groups give you a wide range of gardening minds to mine. The opportunities for community feedback and inspiration are endless!

  2. Don’t forget local experts (a.k.a. Wallitsch Garden Center)! We’re a great resource for plants, soil amendments, and other tricks of the trade for our area. Check out our website’s Plant Finder tool or message us on Facebook. Still need inspiration? Check out Monrovia’s online catalog. Even if you can’t plant now, you can reserve your “must-haves” by pre-ordering. Plus you’ll get FREE shipping to Wallitsch!

Drive By Designs A stroll or drive through the neighborhood can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing. This hyper-local look at gardening offers an opportunity to see what works well in your area. Does your neighbor have a hydrangea that is stunning year after year, a tree that offers season-long interest, or a particular perennial combination that you’ve been coveting? Maybe there is a design feature that could work well in your space or a curb appeal stunner that is the perfect fit for your front door. Now is the time to ask for more information!

“I think it’s fair to say that most gardeners are willing to share their secrets,” says Justin Hancock, Monrovia Horticultural Craftsman. “Most of us want people to enjoy the work we put into our garden spaces. Complements and questions are always welcome in my yard.”

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