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Heat Wave Watering Tips

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Check out these tips for heat-of-summer watering from our friends at Monrovia!

1 – Early Birds vs Night Owls

Summer is busy but do your best to adhere to an early morning or late afternoon watering schedule once the heat of day subsides.

Plants need to recover from the heat before they can really drink up. If you’re pressed and need to water midday and are using a hose, remember to let the water run for a few minutes to clear heated liquid.

2 – It’s All About the Roots

This is no time for a spritz and go. You need to water deeply and thoroughly so that soil is wet down to 4-6 inches deep where root are likely to be. Anything more shallow just evaporates which is a bummer both for your water bill AND your plants.

3 – Stick it to Containers

When it comes to containers, we can say it often enough. Stick a finger into the container’s soil and if its dry below your knuckle, WATER.

You may need to water two or even three times a day in a heat wave. Plants can often come back from drying out but let’s face it, they never really look quite the same.

4 – Fresh Mulch

Finally, lay it thick. Mulch that is. If you’ve not replenished mulch by late summer, now’s your moment. Helps keep moisture in and (hopefully) weeds at bay.

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