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Succulents: Designing With Moody Pales

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Fiesta-bright succulents are always a wonderful addition to the full sun garden, but this season, we’re entranced by those that we’re calling “moody pales.” Sheer colors—warm, fleshy pinks, cool silvery blues, pinkish-burgundy, and silvery foliage—that add romance, while still being as fuss-free as any other type of succulent. Here are a few ideas to get you going!

moss-lined planter with succulents

A moss-lined planter is stuffed to overflow with a mix of succulents, but the idea here is to keep to one colorway. Pinks, purples, variegated… and plenty of each.

blue-silver chalksticks planter

Blue-silver chalksticks add the cool note to this planter of fleshy-pink and pinkish-burgundy sedums. This combination thrives in full sun outdoors, and indoors with full sun and careful watering.

succulent cactus dish

A shallow dish with rocks and cactus mix is the ideal vessel for this sampler of nearly glowing, pale succulents.

succulent window box

How amazing is this window box’s combination of agave, sedum, and donkey’s tail succulents?

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