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Indoor Gardening Tips

Bring the green inside! These low-maintenance plants are great for cleaning the air and emitting a fresh, feel-good ambiance in your apartment, condo, or house.


  1. Full green foliage and trails

  2. Great for table tops and hanging baskets

Mother-in-law / Snake Plant:

  1. Succulent characteristics

  2. Requires very little light and water


  1. Great for texture

  2. Use as center piece for table

ZZ Plant

  1. Easy to take care of

  2. Great for table tops and floor


  1. Great for adding a pop of color

  2. Take a cut from the plant and add it to a container – no soil needed!

Air Plants

  1. Soak about once a week and let them drain in a container or air plant ladder

  2. Requires very little water

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