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How to Avoid the August Garden Lull

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Yes, it starts NOW! A bit of advanced planning during the late-spring-to-early-summer planting season will help ensure that in August, as the summer garden starts to taper off—especially perennials and flowering shrubs—you’ll still be in the pink (and orange, purple, white, and red).

Here are six bloomers that we love and promise will add lots of color, texture, and blooms in late summer. When August rolls around, your only major task outdoors will be to decide on iced tea or lemonade.

Strawberry Shake Hydrangea Monrovia

Strawberry Shake™ Hydrangea

Panicle hydrangeas hit their zenith in late summer. This has improved, sturdy stems that support big, full flower heads. Partial shade to full sun. Up to 4′ tall and wide.

Russian Sage Monrovia

Lacey Blue Russian Sage

Hardy, deer-resistant, heat and drought tolerant with lavender-blue flower sprays on an improved, compact form that does not flop over. Full sun. Up to 18″ tall, 26″ wide.

Blanket Flower Monrovia

Arizona Sun Blanket Flower

Fiery-red flowers edged with a ring of vivid yellow hold up well under the bright light of direct, overhead summer sun. Full sun. Up to 1′ tall, 2′ wide.

Sugartina Monrovia

Sugartina® Summersweet

Compact, native, and deer resistant, offers fragrant, pure-white flowers in late summer, attracting butterflies. Partial to full sun. Up 30″ tall, 3′ wide.

Aster Monrovia

Wood’s Pink New York Aster

American native produces daisy-like late summer blooms. Pinch stems back by about one-third in early June for more flowers. Full to partial sun. Up to 16″ tall and wide.

Royal Rembrandt Speedwell Monrovia

Royal Rembrandt Speedwell

Unsung hero of the late summer garden, providing spiky shape and saturated color. Prune in July for really impressive August bloom. Full sun. Up to 20″ tall and wide.

See more colorful bloomers at!

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