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Garden Tricks and Hacks

Rotisserie chicken containers = mini green houses

  1. You know those delicious rotisserie chickens you love? Save the containers to use as mini green houses! Just fill the container up with soil, put your seeds in, put the lid on, and let the seeds germinate. You can use plastic yogurt containers for this too!

A bag of soil is just a container in disguise

  1. Use a bag of garden soil as your container for tomatoes, peppers, and herbs (or anything, really)! Lay the bag of soil flat, cut a hole in the top of the package, make a space in the soil for your plant, and add water.

Use a “filler” to use less soil

  1. Save the small containers your plants come in – or anything light weight – and use them to fill space in the bottom of large containers. You will use less soil (and save money) to fill the rest of the pot.

The prime way to fight weeds

  1. Put all of those Amazon Prime boxes you’ve been accumulating to good use! Swap landscape fabric for cardboard boxes or newspaper as a weed barrier in your garden.

Water them while you’re away

  1. Worried about your plants getting enough water while you’re on vacation this summer? Fill up a wine bottle with water, quickly flip it over and place it in the pot, and wah-lah! The water will slowly drain into the soil keeping your plants hydrated while you’re gone.

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