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Drought Resistant Annuals for Your Planters

Do you forget to water or are you out of town frequently during the summer months? Here are our TOP drought resistant annuals perfect for your planters!

  1. Zinnia: These lovely flowers will produce colorful blooms all summer long. They come in multiple different colors and can either be tall or short. These flowers are known for their ability to withstand heat.

  2. Cosmos: These flowers are low-maintenance and attract all the pollinators. A great addition for your planters.

  3. Marigold: As well as repelling deer and other pests from your garden these flowers do great in hot, dry, and poor soil. An amazing annual to add to your planters or landscape for the summer.

  4. Portulaca: This annual is low growing and great for hanging baskets or being your spiller in your planters. These are succulent like and thrive in hot, dry conditions. Perfect as well for rock gardens.

  5. Lantana: This annual is heat-loving and attract hummingbirds and butterflies. It thrives in sunny locations and very drought tolerant.

  6. Celosia: This unique annual comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. It adds beautiful texture to a pot and is very drought tolerant.

If you have been unsuccessful in finding an annual perfect for you try one of these! They all do well in full-sun and can withstand the heat and drought periods we have during the summer months!

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