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Designing with Succulents

Not only do succulents offer amazing color and sculptural design for your indoor or outdoor space, they’re super trendy and easy to maintain!

Some design tips from our succulent guru Jeff Wallitsch:

  1. Make your design pop with a colorful, shallow container

  2. Use a variety of succulents with different textures and colors to create a bold statement piece

  3. Start by adding the larger succulents first

  4. Place the taller succulents toward the middle and/or back of the container

  5. Use the smaller succulents to fill in the gaps

  6. Accentuate the look by placing some decorative moss around the edge of the container

  7. Terracotta pots or mason jars are perfect for smaller succulent center pieces

Jeff’s favorite succulents:

  1. Echeveria

  2. Kalanchoe

  3. Aeonium

  4. Sedums

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