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Cooking with Herbs and Veggies

Pizza Garden

Get the kids gardening this summer with a pizza garden! Help them identify the plants they’re growing and cooking with by decorating popsicle sticks with plant names. Here are the plants you need for your homemade pizza garden:

  1. Tomato = sauce

  2. Peppers = toppings

  3. Oregano = flavor

  4. Basil = more flavor

Panzanella Salad

The perfect summer salad made from your homegrown vegetables! Toss stale bread cubes, your favorite vinaigrette dressing and these veggies for a colorful and refreshing salad:

  1. Tomatoes

  2. Cucumber

  3. Peppers (red and yellow)

  4. Red onion

  5. Basil

  6. Capers

Edible Flower Ice-cubes

Add some decor to your summer beverages! Place edible flowers in an ice-cube tray and fill with your favorite flavor of fizzy water or even some rosé for a bright, summery drink. Try these:

  1. Dianthus

  2. Petunias

  3. Pansies

  4. Hibiscus

  5. Roses

  6. Violets

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