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4 Ferns You Can Grow Indoors

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Suffering from garden withdrawal as winter draws near? Eden-up your interior spaces with a few lush, green plants. Many ferns make wonderful, low-maintenance houseplants, as long as you provide the right amounts of light and moisture. Here are four favorites from Monrovia to get you started.

As always, you can order your favorites online from Monrovia with FREE shipping to Wallitsch, or come visit us in-store (just wear your mask)!

American Maidenhair Fern - Monrovia

Can be a bit of a diva if not kept constantly moist, but not soggy. Mist often and mulch to help soil retain moisture. Set a few feet from a southern or eastern-facing window; turn weekly to ensure even light.

Japanese Painted Fern - Monrovia

Short, spreading habit looks great planted in a low trough set in a bright, but not hot and sunny window. Silvery-blue fronds adds a bit of light to indoor plantings. Like it’s red-hued cousin, a bit of a challenge, but a wow, too.

Athyrium nipponicum 'Regal Red' - Monrovia

Woodland ferns can be a bit more of a challenge indoors, but their striking colors makes them worthy of the work. Provide ample humidity, keep soil evenly moist, and place in a bright but not hot, sunny window.

Holly Fern - Monrovia

Stiff, dark green shiny fronds of holly-like leaflets with coarsely fringed margins provides height to indoor plant groupings. Can handle more direct sunlight and colder, drier air than most ferns.

Caring for Ferns Indoors

Most ferns require high levels of humidity to grow green and lush indoors. This can be a challenge, especially in areas where heat is provided by a furnace, which can dry out indoor air. Keep ferns away from radiators, bright, hot, sunny windows, and use a pebble tray (right) to add moisture. Even after all of that, your ferns still might look unhappy. If so, consider moving them to a regularly-used bathroom with a shower or into a terrarium or wardian case. Moved potted plants outside as soon as weather permits.

Other essentials:

  1. Light: Indirect is best such as that provided by a south or east facing window.

  2. Water: Wait until potting mix just starts to dry out, then water deeply and thoroughly, making sure water drains well.

  3. Temperature: On the cool side (about 70 degrees) and away from drafts.

  4. Food: Generally, feed weekly with liquid fertilizer that’s diluted to one-half strength (known as “feeding weekly, weakly”).

  5. T.L.C: Occasionally misting the plant or taking it into a warm shower will help keep it clean.

Holly Fern - Monrovia

Placing potted ferns on top of pebbles in a tray filled with a few inches of water helps to create the humidity to thrive indoors.

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