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Winter Decorating with Evergreen

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

There are always a few bits and pieces left over from holiday DIY projects using evergreen branches and clippings. While you could compost them, why not transform scraps into holiday touches for around the house?! Here are 7 easy ideas from Monrovia to get you started (and a million more on Pinterest). Let’s start with the one above which is a simple arrangement of leftover branches of balsam fir and eucalyptus (so fragrant!). Love this idea? More here.

Pine Tassels Present

Five minute flair

Gather up loose pine needles and bind with twine. Instant tassels!

Winter wreath

All wound up

Think walk in the woods…on a wreath. Just decorate the center.

Wreath decoration present

Under wraps

Image one at each place setting? So easy to make. Here’s how.

Green branches in vases

How hygge!

Simple and rustic, homey and fragrant. Less can be more. More here.

Rosemart ornament

Message in a bottle

Rosemary is for remembrance. Tuck into a clear glass ornament.

Cranberry, candles and holly

Just add water

Cranberry, candles, holly. What a splendid and colorful display!

For more winter decorating tips visit or give us a call at 502-454-3553 today!

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