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2018 Garden Trends by Monrovia

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Based on extensive research, Monrovia predicts that the 2018 garden will be a both a haven and a laboratory as gardeners seek a respite from a stressful world, and also dive into the flood of new plant choices they’re seeing in garden centers and on social media. Here are Monrovia’s 2018 Garden Trends:


Roses and Rhodies Renaissance

Not only can roadside shrub hedges help combat city air pollution, their year-round beauty, container compatibility, and tales of low-effort/big rewards are making gardeners take a second look at shrubs in general. In particular, roses and rhododendrons.

garden therapy

Garden Tribe

In addition to exploring how gardening effects people and the planet, we’re beginning to view gardening as a type of differentiator. What we’re seeing is a new type of tribalism surrounding gardening, where the shared experience creates a leafy sort of group therapy.


Pitch Perfect Pines

Lookout boxwoods and birches, this compelling conifer is on the comeback trail! These notably fuss-free, problem solving plants provide a distinct personality to landscape. They feel fresh and wow-worthy are causing a new generation of gardeners to see them with fresh eyes.

garden soil

Soil Matters

With home gardeners managing a great deal of land, programs (such as Soil to Supper and The Credible Food Project) promoting the application of agricultural principles of “soil regeneration” in the home garden are beginning to take root.

Morning Lilac

Suburban Plant Hunters

From fruit trees, annuals, Itoh peonies (such as this Morning Lilac variety), and complex topiary, gardeners are on the hunt for unique plants that will turn their garden to a bespoke landscape. Be on the lookout for growers to respond with rare and limited edition plants.

plants with patterned foliage

We See a Pattern

Trippy ferns, Chinese fairy bells, wildly wonderful aloes, splashy caladiums and more, plants with patterned foliage have been spotted everywhere. According to Pinterest, saves of images of plants with interesting foliage were up by +533% in 2017.



Breeders have developed a better hydrangea—re-blooming, right-sized for pots, sturdier stems, and thicker leaves more tolerant of heat, humidity, and heavy winds. And gardeners are scooping up these new and improved varieties as fast as they can.

garden coaches

Show Me State

Garden coaches are making a comeback as gardeners take back their power—learning the how-to’s of DIY gardening. Additionally, interest in online basic gardening classes and competition for open slots in Master Gardener programs are on the rise.

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